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citizen zoo and gore material

photo: (inconnu)

In the last post, I was talking about gore pictures. You may say that there are some pictures on citizen zoo that are nothing else than gore. It is true and I don’t close my eyes on that fact. The point is that these pictures are rare on the web and I consider that they must be seen in order to make people aware of these too often hidden truths about the world we live in.

Reading in a newspaper that a kamikaze has exploded himself in Baghdad and has killed dozens of people is one thing. To see the wounded and the fatalities is another one. But you may search a lot before you could find a kamikaze’s picture and see the kind of damages it produces on himself (or herself). Because they are rare and because medias don’t want to publish them. But you may be interested in seeing this. It’s your right. The web is supposed to contain everything. But it’s not true. Databases contain a lot more than what we’re permitted to see on the web. Some websites have been and are still censored. Internet is not yet this famous ”complete” encyclopedia we’re dreaming of about our world.

Some websites and blogs make their living with gore material. Not citizen zoo. Gore material represents a part of life but not whole life. So is this stuff on my blog: only a part of it. Life is richer in content than this lonely subject. That’s why you can find some of these pictures here but besides a lot more of subjects of interest that will bring you new informations on something you’re already interested in or about a subject that will be entirely new to you and for which you can develop a particular interest in the future.

I’m a curious person and I make researches because I like that. I do it for my own benefit and for the benefit of the people who don’t like to make such researches and who prefer to look at a finished product. But I must admit that for a ”normal” person, making such researches on gore material is a pain in the ass. You rapidly get fed up by looking at these images and videos and you rapidly discover yourself looking for flowers or any other lighter subject.

I hope citizen zoo is a blog you appreciate. I hope you find here what you are looking for and I hope you will come back.

Thank you for coming.

citizen zoo’s webmaster

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