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Interview en hébreu avec Natalie Portman (s.t. français)

source: YouTube

Interview en hébreu avec Natalie Portman, sous-titrée en français, faite en Israël en 2006.


English translation of Natalie Portman’s interview in hebrew, made in Israel in 2006:

IN: Interviewer
NP: Natalie Portman

[translation starts when they sit together at the hotel room]
NP: I’m glad you came to my home [points to hotel room, laughing]
IN: It’s very pretty, this home of yours.
NP: [laughs] I’ve always wanted to live here [in Israel] for a while, to see how it was, because I left [Israel] at an early age and it was great [back then]. It was really fun. I studied a bit of Arabic and a bit about the history of Islam and the history of Israel, and Hebrew, obviously. I thought of maybe studying in Tel Aviv but I’m glad I decided [to study] in Jerusalem, because I really had no problems with regards to [paparazzi] photographers.
IN: [mumbled in background]

[walking around the hotel room]
IN: maybe you’ll show us the view from your window?
NP: [the view is] very beautiful.
IN: are you used to hotel rooms?
NP: yes.
IN: what do you hate the most about hotel rooms?
NP: the heating [laughs].
IN: and what do you like the best about hotel rooms?
NP: I most like the fact that they get cleaned for me.
IN: let’s got out to the porch so you can show us Israel. [talks to cameraman:] come over here, she’s going to show us Israel.

[outside on the porch]
IN: what do you think would’ve happened had you lived here?
NP: [shakes head, not knowing what to say]
IN: would you have been a completely different person?
NP: I don’t know, I don’t know.
IN: [mumbles] a denizen of Tel Aviv? You’re used [to it]. You hang out here..
NP: [laughs] no, I’m a Jerusalemite!

[back inside the room]
IN: what do you do in Jerusalem at nights?
NP: I went out with friends to their apartments, to bars, restaurants, the movies.

[Natalie is handed a bottle of Arak (distilled beverage)]
IN: would you like to drink some Arak?
NP: [laughs, places bottle on table] no, I don’t think I’ll do that, it’s a bad example for kids.
IN: [mumbles]
NP: If I have some effect [on children] I don’t want it to be concerning alcohol [laughs].
IN: [holding remote in hand] have you seen “The Ambassador” [Israeli TV show] last night?
NP: no. I’ve heard a lot about this show, but I’ve never seen it. I’ve also heard about the show “A Wonderful Country” [Israeli Satirical show].
IN: [beginning of sentence cut in editing] Oscars, you’re presenting as well as nominated for an award.
NP: I will hand the award to the short documentary film. [at first she used the English word Documentary, but then translated to Hebrew]. I’m excited about the ceremony and will be bringing my parents with me, so it’ll be fun.
IN: you’re going with them?
NP: yes.
IN: do you have your outfit ready?
NP: I don’t know yet. I haven’t had the chance to look for something. I get [back to the states] on Saturday and the ceremony is on Sunday, so they’ll bring me lots of pretty dresses [to pick from].
IN: didn’t you find anything nice at the Flea Market? [it’s the actual name of a market in Tel Aviv, mainly for clothes and antiques].
NP: [laughs] no, [I can’t wear] something hippie-like from Israel.

[cut to a montage from the movie “Leon”]
IN: and you’ve been shooting this entire month here for a movie?
NP: yes.
IN: [a movie by] Amos Gitai.
NP: yes.
IN: what is its name?
NP: “Free Zone”.
IN: [repeats the name]
NP: I like doing different stuff, because it’s good to change the way you act and to try out new things. I really wanted to do a film in Israel. I really loved [names a few recent Israeli films].
IN: do you feel you’re an Israeli? What percentage of you is Israeli?
NP: yes, of course! Of course! In the states I feel like an Israeli and over here [in Israel] I feel like an American. It’s nice. People say artists need to always feel a bit like a stranger, because they have a different point of view than other people. It’s good to be a stranger wherever [you go].

[standing in the middle of the room]
IN: what will you do in your remaining nights here in the city [Tel Aviv]? Will you go out and party?
NP: no [laughs].
IN: you need to sleep in order to wake up at 5 AM?
NP: yes, I’ll be working everyday, including on Friday, the day I leave [for the states].

[woman in background]: so that’s it?
NP: yes.
IN: but you’re young, you need to have fun!
NP: yes, I’m going to the Oscars, I’ll be having fun! [laughs] but when working, one needs to concentrate.

[saying goodbyes, then, at the door, signing autograph]
NP: well, thank you very much.
IN: Jonathan [to whom NP is signing, apparently] asked me to tell you he was eight [years old].
NP: awww…
IN: but he’s [actually] twenty six.
NP: [hands notepad back to IN] oh, so he’s not really eight! [laughs] I don’t really get the sarcasm [in Hebrew] yet.

[continues talking but the French song overlaps]

source: YouTube

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