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Don’t let this fire die …

photo: Selma

Je reproduis ici un billet publié par une Iranienne (de Téhéran) nommée Selma, dont je salue le courage. Je vous invite à visiter son blog: From Tehran With Love

Don’t let this fire die …

June 23, 2009 by From Tehran, with love!

I’m not a political activist or a theoretician. I judge the situation based on what I see and ‎read in the news. And I’m stuck here with a proactive frightened feverish head that I ‎can’t stop.‎

Last night nursing my bruised shoulder, I was thinking …‎

If we get the chance to stand up, if this movement is not suppressed at this stage, if things ‎continue as they are… What I fear most is that, we get used to it. ‎

That the world loses interest and this new shiny strange toy loses its novelty and ‎glamour… then… like what happened to many other struggles for freedom in other places ‎of the world, people would no longer even bother to follow the news, let alone supporting ‎the cause…‎

We need to have a plan … we need stronger, more experienced leaders for the movement ‎‎… we need the world to hear our voice and put pressure on the government to accept the ‎will of the Iranian people.‎

Don’t let this fire die … let everyone know what goes on here … ‎

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photo: Selma

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