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Treblinka extermination camp

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source: YouTube

Holocaust survivor Eliahu Rosenberg was deported to the Treblinka extermination camp (in Poland) in September 1942. One of the few chosen for slave labor in the camp, he personally witnessed the murder of thousands of Jews in the gas chambers of Treblinka. Forced to dispose of the bodies, he witnessed every part of the extermination process in Treblinka. Escaping during the revolt in the camp on August 2, 1943, Eliahu Rosenberg gives testimony here about the gas chambers and process of mass murder in Treblinka, a place where over 13 months, approximately 870,000 Jews were murdered.
source: Yad Vashem

source des vidéos: YouTube

A rare interview with SS-Unterscharführer Franz Suchomel, discussing his experience as an SS officer at Treblinka concentration camp from August 1942 to October 1943. Arrested in July 1963, he was sentenced to 6 years in 1965 and released in 1969.

photo: (inconnu)

Suchomel was unaware that the interview was being remotely videotaped by the interviewer Claude Lanzmann’s assistants in the Volkswagen bus shown at the beginning of Part 1 of the video.

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